GENTAGEN 40% (powder)

Drug Description

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Substance Quantity
Gentamicina sulfat 40g
Excipient add. 100g

tabel Composition

Action Mechanism

The Gentamicine is an aminoglicosidic antibiotic with a very strog bactericide action against most of the Gram positive and Gram negative germs, carrying out a blockage of the protein synthesis at the bacterian cell level.

Within an oral administration, the Gentamicine is slowly absorbed and it has a good action on the intestinal tractus.

The toxicity is reduced. The resistance is rare and gets installed with difficulty.

Therapeutic Indications

For the treatment of the primary and secondary intestinal infections and in disenterias.

Therapeutic Contraindications

It shall not be administered at the same time with the Cloramfenicol.

Side Effects

If you see side efects please inform veterinary.

Recommendations on Product Administration

The treatment consists in administrating the Gentagen 40%, orally, to individuals or to the mass (by incorporating it into feed or the drinking water), for 5-8 days consecutively, in different dosages, according to the species, age, weight, physiological status and health. For the mass treatment, in feed and drinking water, we recommend the correct calculation of the total weight and the product quantity that must be administered, as well as the preparation of premixes, for a correct homogeneity.

For pigs: The dose must be of 10 mg a.s. / kg b.w./ day, respectively 25 mg Gentagen 40% / kg b.w./ day.

Category 10-20kg 21-40kg 41-60kg 61-80kg 81-100kg Sows and Gilts before and after service Lactating Sows Boars
Daily water intake 1-2 L 2-4 L 4-5 L 5-6 L 6-7 L 7-8 L 15-20 L 7-8 L
Gentagen 40% (g/1000 L water 250g 250g 280g 320g 345g 435g 200g 500g
Daily feed intake 0,7 kg 1,4 kg 2,2 kg 2,7 kg 3,0 kg 3,2 kg 5,5 kg 3,0 kg
Gentagen 40% (g/ to of feed) 535g 535g 570g 650g 750g 1015g 635g 1250g

tabel For pigs

Special Warnings

No side efects..

Waiting Period

Meat pigs: 14 days from the last administration.

Presentation Mode

The product is packaged in bags or sacks with 100 g and 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg.

We kindly ask you to accompany any complaint by the series written on the package.


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